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Boost View, Subcriber for Youtube video.

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Features of BoostView

BoostView will help you promote your Youtube Video and make money easily.


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Step-by-Step Guide

Step 1: Watch videos of other members to earn credits

  • Sign in by Google Account
  • Select Exchange
  • Select Watch

Step 2: Create your campaign

Use your credits to create viral campaigns for VIEW, LIKE, SUBCRIBE. You need at least 100 credits to creat a campaign

  • Sign in by Google Account
  • Go to Campaign
  • Go to Create Campaign
  • Fill neccessary infomation to create your campaign

Step 3: Get money if you don't use all your credits

  • Sign in by Google Account
  • Go to Activity
  • Select Transfer Credit
  • You can transfer your credit to your friend or get money via Paypal

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